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No Image Available[A Jacklin seed production field in Washington of Merion Kentucky bluegrass, 1954]1954 09W1180
Thumbnail: Chrysanthemum displayChrysanthemum Display; Park Dept. Greenhouse Nov. 10, 1939 Spokane Wash.11/10/1939318
Thumbnail: Chrysanthemum displayChryanthemum Display; Park Dept. Greenhouse Nov. 9, 1939 Spokane, Wash11/09/1939319
Thumbnail: Chrysanthemum displayChrysanthemum Display; Park Dept. Greenhouse Nov. 10, 1939 Spokane, Wash11/10/1939320
No Image AvailableMum Display11/1939321
No Image AvailableView of Clubhouse11/1939327
No Image AvailablePeriscope blind Hole - Tire T mat11/1939328
Thumbnail: Teeing mat of auto tiresTee Mat of Auto Tires; Riverside Municipal Spokane Wash. Nov. 11, 193911/11/1939329
Thumbnail: Sign reminds golfers Fix divots, etc.Appropriate sign player reminder; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544732
Thumbnail: Picture "Old Course" St. Andrews ScotlandPicture of "old course" St. Andrews, Scotland; Manitou Spokane 9/20/5409/20/19544733
Thumbnail: Round Fairy ringsRound fairy rings fairway; Manitou CC Spokane 9/20/5409/20/19544734
Thumbnail: Round Fairy ringsFairy ring complete circle F.; Manilou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/544735
Thumbnail: Matted bent in FMatted bent patch fairway; Manitou Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544736
Thumbnail: Eberhardt shows cotton wood root in GTree roots in G. trees behind; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544737
Thumbnail: close-up cotton wood rootClose-up: Tree roots in G.; Manitou CC Spokane 9/20/5409/20/19544738
Thumbnail: Iron chlorosis bent nurseryIron chlorosis bent grass nursery; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544739
Thumbnail: Iron chlorosis bent nurseryA bad sport on G. due to iron chlorosis; Manitou CC. Spokane Wash. 8/5408/19544740
No Image AvailableIron chlorosis injury bent nursery9/19544741
Thumbnail: Iron chlorosis bent nurseryBad spot on #16 G. close-up iron chlorosis; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 8/5408/19544742
Thumbnail: Moss in GMoss in green close-up; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544743
Thumbnail: Moss in GMoss in bent G. close-up; Manitou CC Spokane Wash. 9/20/5409/20/19544744
Thumbnail: Washboard Turf floating Pro ReelsToro pro wont mow on uneven ground; Cemetery Spokane 9/26/5509/26/19555600
Thumbnail: Merion Nursery - Cyanamid sterilizedMerion Nursery Sterilized With Cyanamid; Manito Spokane Wash 10/5/5710/05/19577080
Thumbnail: Radishes test Cyanamid sterilizedRadishes Used To Test Germination After Cyanamid; Manito Spokane Wash. 10/5/5710/05/19577081
Thumbnail: Everhardt Cyanamid response old turfCyanamid Fert. Response On Existing Turf; Manito Spokane Wash 10/5/5710/05/19577082
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