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Thumbnail: Winter (rye)  Summer (Bermuda) Dual G.Dual greens - winter Rye (left) and summer Bermuda (right) (East Lake Golf Course, Atlanta, GA - January 7, 1939)01/07/193970
Thumbnail: Winter (rye)  Summer (Bermuda) Dual G.Dual greens - summer Bermuda (left) and winter Rye (right) (East Lake Golf Course, Atlant, GA - January 7, 1939)01/07/193971
No Image AvailablePoinsetta1/193972
No Image AvailablePoinsetta1/193973
No Image AvailableBanana Plant1/193974
No Image AvailableCamellia Japonica1/193975
No Image AvailableBougainvillea along fairways1/193976
No Image AvailableCoconut palm1/193977
No Image AvailableFlorida orchid1/193978
No Image AvailableGrapefruit1/193979
No Image AvailableFlame vine on entrance arch to club2/193980
Thumbnail: Fairway tile drainage to intercept seepageFairway title drain installed to intercept seepage (Wykagil Golf Course, NY - March 1939)03/193981
Thumbnail: Alfalfa  Grass Disc SeederAlfalfa & Grass Reseeder For Fairway Reseed Mg; General View Wykagil G. C. Mar. 193903/193982
Thumbnail: Alfalfa  Grass Disc SeederClose-up view of Alfalfa grass disc seeder (1939)03/193983
Thumbnail: Field mice injure fairway under snowFairway injured due to field mice under snow (Detroit, MI - March 1939)03/193984
Thumbnail: Mil vs. Agrinite Quartz culturesMilorganite versus arginite quartz culture - Spring 1939Spr./193985
No Image AvailableHeavy frost on #15 green (Philadelphia Country Club, Bala Course - Spring 1939)193986
Thumbnail: Toro Pony Green MowerToro pony green mower (Johnston, PA - April 1939)04/193987
Thumbnail: Burning lime for Agricultural useBurning lime for agricultural use (Pennslyvania - April 1939)04/193988
No Image AvailableDutchman's breeches - May 19395/193989
Thumbnail: Grass failure where Ferric Chloride spilled - seeded 3xGrass Failure in Area where Ferris Chlorida was spilled seeded 3x; Sewerage Comm. Lawn. Mil. May 193905/193990
Thumbnail: Winter Kill low spot in FWinter kills low spot in fairway (Taycoday Country Club, Fondulac, WI - May 1939)05/193991
No Image AvailableSnowmold on Kentucky Bluegrass in fairways and bent green5/193992
Thumbnail: Snowmold K, Bluegrass FSnowmold in Kentucky bluegrass fairway (Elmhurst Golf Course, Winnipeg - May 22, 1939)05/22/193993
Thumbnail: Snowmold K, Bent GSnow mold on bent greens (Elmhurst Golf Course, Winnipeg - May 22, 1939)05/22/193994
Showing items 1 to 25 of 254.