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No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (Vertical mower)19471397
No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (vertical mower)19471398
No Image AvailableBermuda Eliminator (Vertical mower)19471399
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471400
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471401
Thumbnail: Farley Bermuda HarvesterFarley Harvesting Tool Bermuda Stolons; Oklahoma City 194719471402
No Image AvailableFarley Bermuda Harvester19471403
Thumbnail: Farley Bermuda HarvesterFarley Tool for Harvesting Bermuda Stolons; Oklahoma City19471404
No Image Available#12 Par 34/19471405
Thumbnail: Brown over tile sandy droughty soilDrougth[drought] shows tile line location on sandy sail; Augusta National Ga. 4-4704/19471406
Thumbnail: Rotary HoeRotary Hoe For Fairways; Indian Creek Miami Beach04/19471407
Thumbnail: Bermuda kill before planting bentBermuda Kill on Green (Heubicides) Before Seeding Bent Grasses; Indiancreek Miami Beach 4-4704/19471408
Thumbnail: Graw & Baker inspect Z-mat. door matZoysia Matrella for Door Matt Grau & O. S. Baker; Indian Creek Miami Beach 4-4704/19471409
Thumbnail: No N Snowmold calo clor to Oct.No Nitrogen No SnowMold Caloclor Monthly To Oct.; Brynwood Mil. Wis. 4-16-4704/16/19471410
Thumbnail: Milorg. less snowmold than sulfateMilorganite - less Snow mold than sulfate Calaclor Monthly to Oct.; Brynwood Milwaukee April 11, 194704/11/19471411
Thumbnail: Snowmold had Amm. Sul. plotsAm. Sulfate Snow Mold Bad Caloclor Monthly to Oct; Brynwood Milwaukee Apr. 16, 194704/16/19471412
Thumbnail: #1F Milars. fall before#7 F. Spring after Milarsenite fall before; Phila C. C. Bala Pa. Apr. 18, 194704/18/19471413
Thumbnail: #3F Milars. fall before#3 F. In Spring After Milarsenite Fall Before; Phila C. C. at Bala 4-18-4704/18/19471414
Thumbnail: 2,4-D Treated 8-45 photo 4-47Thin Coverage beyond Line After 2,4-D Treated 8-45 Photo 4-47; Phila. C. C. (Spring Mill) Pa. 4-18-4704/18/19471415
Thumbnail: 2,4-D Treated 8-45 photo 4-472,4-D Rightside Ground Cover Thinner; Philla C. C. at Bala 4-18-4704/18/19471416
Thumbnail: 2,4-D Treated 8-45 photo 4-472,4-D In Background Cover Thinner; Phila C. C. at Sp Mill 4-18-4704/18/19471417
Thumbnail: #12G collar cut close fall before[Remaining damage to #12 green from close cutting the collar the previous year at Wampanoag in Hartford, Connecticut]04/24/19471418
Thumbnail: Snowmold on untreated apron onlySnow Mold on Green #5 Green Calaclor used on Green; Hartford C. C. Conn. 4-25-4704/25/19471419
Thumbnail: N response small Female DogFertilized spots in Lawn Urine From Small Female Dog; Lawn New Britain Conn. 4-25-4704/25/19471420
Thumbnail: Dead bent previous fall droughtFall Drought Injury Malted Bent #1 Fairway; Hartford C. C. Conn. 4-25-4704/25/19471421
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