Record Display Help

More Activate this icon to show all fields in this individual record. To see all fields in all of the displayed records, change the Display Format drop-down box to "Full Table".
Abstract Indicates that an abstract is present in the record. This abstract may either be as-published from the source item (and surrounded in quote marks) or as written by TIC or other abstractors.
Keywords Indicates that keywords are present in the record. These keywords have been assigned using a controlled vocabulary (the Turfgrass Thesaurus) by TIC indexers.
Indicates that the record has a link to multiple other records for sub-items. For instance, the record for a book may show this graphic if records exist for individual chapter records as well.
Indicates that the record has a link to another record. Examples of this include multiple parts of items, an item and a response letter to that item, or related items.
Extra Indicates that the record contains additional content not found within or from the item, for instance annotations about the item from Cornish and Hurdzan's Golf Course Design: An Annotated Bibliography with Highlights of Its History and Resources.
“…” Indicates that the record contains featured "quotable quotes" from the item.
Indicates that the record has notes about the item being reprinted.